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Unmasking What Inspires Us to Create

Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and say “Why am I doing this?” If you have valid answers for this question, then that is what inspires you. It really is that simple. In today’s blog, I will unmask the key areas that inspire me to create.


For starters, I started scrapbooking to document the pregnancy of my firstborn. I did not think in a million years that I would continue this hobby 12 years later. However, I enjoy this hobby because it lets me center my emotions. It is my form of meditation. You may laugh, but I do go through a process to get myself in the mood to craft. Especially, now that I have a following. Here is where I grab my inspiration:


my boys

Looking back at their milestones and accomplishments tends to clear my mind of negativity, so I tend to lose track of time when I am crafting (once I get in the groove). Additionally, my husband can sense when I am stressed out, in which he recommends me to step into the craft room. Ultimately, I love seeing my sons and husband flipping through my albums reminiscing on the memory.

my followers

Ironically, since I starting sharing my work on Instagram, I have learned that everyone’s eye is not the same. There have been some pieces of work that I thought was not worth sharing, but half of the time my followers give me AMAZING feedback on the work. Surprisingly, this feedback actually keeps me motivated to want to create more, and actually, be more innovative.

breaking stereotypes

A lot of negativity does surround scrapbooking because it requires so much time. I am motivated to let others know that it is quite easy to scrapbook. My goal with this blog is to show you that scrapbooking and crafting is as simple as you make it.

in conclusion

Unmasking what inspires you allows you to continue to scrapbook even when you hit a point where you have lost all motivation. Relying on what inspires you will ultimately allow you to continue to be creative even during hard times.

So I ask you “What inspires you to create?”

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what inspires you to create - Danie Faye


    • daniefaye

      Exactly. I think I will always stick to traditional scrapbooking, but after some research, I do fall in the hybrid category. I print out my embellishments because I never really used all the embellishments when I buy them from the store. Plus, I plan on getting a cutting machine, which will throw me all the way in the hybrid category. lol.

  • blair villanueva

    You are enjoying a happy that is also relaxing and making you creative. I also love scrapbooking, until I switch to digital form while is blogging 😀

    • daniefaye

      I feel you. I do have a love for blogging. Or at least blogging about things I love. I recently decided to start giving motherly advice from an military member stand-point, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I blame leadership school. lol.

  • Blair

    It is important to have a place to meditate, a place to self reflect a place to disconnect. For me it’s video editing or cataloguing music. I’ll sit down at the computer for 20 minutes and before I know it three hours has gone by.

  • Wendy Polisi

    Each of us has different inspiration that pushes us to create. However, I think it comes down to the things we love most in life.

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    I don’t have any children yet to inspire me. However, my husband inspires me to create and shares in the creative process with me. So thankful for him.

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