August 5, 2019

Scrapbook in 30 Minutes or Less #1 | Traveler’s Notebook

Have you neglected your scrapbooking? Here’s a new challenge for you to take on! Grab your scrap bin, and challenge yourself to scrapbook a layout in 30 minutes or less! 

Too often I go weeks without scrapbooking because, frankly, I am just not that creative. Haha! Every time I take an extensive break, I like to challenge my creativity. In my YouTube series, “On the Clock,” I give myself 30 minutes to create anything out of the scraps I have lying around on my desk. Today’s challenge is a traveler’s notebook spread.

Products Used:

Maggie Holmes “Flourish” Collection


Today’s spread is a simple design that I use quite often: Title and embellishments on one page, and photo with layers on the opposite page. This spread has two photos overlapping one another, while small embellishments next to the photos to balance the white space.

traveler's notebook


As mentioned earlier, embellishments were used on this spread to balance the negative (white) space left from after placing down my photos. Minimal embellishments were used on this spread, however, I chose to use the earth tone embellishments in the Flourish collection because of the colors in the photos. The soft golds and browns were perfect for our day at the zoo. With my traveler’s notebook spreads, I always use a title page to make the spread pop. Additionally, the title page leaves me room to journal if I do not have room to journal next to my photos. Luckily, with this spread, I used tiny word sticker to journal for this memory.


There is not much layering in the layout, however, I did strategically place my photos so I could have layers and embellishments peaking off the sides of the photos. I used a decorative journaling label from the Flourish collection to cover the white space on the right and the left of the each photo. Again, I placed tiny word stickers on top of the labels to balance the spread.

In all, scraplifting this spread should be easy peasy! I challenge you to try to recreate it! All you need is 20 minutes. You can catch this tutorial in my YouTube video series, “On the Clock” on my channel. Always remember, it is about documenting the moment! Happy scrapping!

Danie Faye scrapbooking

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