Importance of Confidence When Having a Business

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Hey guys! Welcome back! I know some time has passed, and I promised I would keep you updated on my Etsy business. The greatest thing I have learned since starting my shop is the importance of having confidence. Let me explain why.

I am happy to say that business is booming! It seems like every time I send out an order, I am receiving another order! It is unbelievable how one day I am praying for a sale to come my way, and overnight I’m receiving 2-3 orders a week. Boy am I exhausted! 


Unfortunately, a lot of my sales are through word of mouth, and not directly through Etsy. However, over time I know this will change. My increase in sales are due to sharing my work on Facebook, and it took over from there.

It was not always like this. As mentioned in my blogpost, How I Started My Etsy Shop, I started my shop in May of 2019, but didn’t get my first sale until September. This is because I was not taking the time to share the content that I was selling.

I have always been afraid to share my creations because of how people reacted to my scrapbooking. Thanks to other websites dedicated to scrapbooking, I was able to share my work, but I have always been afraid to share on IG or Facebook. However, there are times when I think something it just too good not to share. That is when I realized that others are always going to think something they are not use to is weird, until it becomes normal. Once you show that you are PROUD of something (whether it’s a good day at the gym or your child got all A’s), most people will applaud your success.

So today I say, share the DIY you made even though it is not perfect. Share that custom shirt you made for your son’s Valentine’s day party. Just remember to be PROUD of what you made. The confidence you show towards the products you make (“vibe“) reflects on the outcome of your products gaining exposure.

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