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How My Relationship Affects My Creativity

I have been scrapbooking and crafting for over 12 years, in which I have always had the support of my husband. However, I cannot say that he has been too happy about me taking over our home with my hobby. In today’s blog, I will discuss how my relationship affects my creativity. To clarify, here are some things I have noticed over the years:

…he's honest

When it comes to scrapbooking, I always seek a second opinion. Admittedly, I am more concerned of how others react to my work than my own personal opinion. Of course, I would go to my husband for final approval on my layouts. I do this simply because he has no idea what the latest techniques are or the latest products to use. However, he does know whether he likes it or not, and that is all I am looking for.

Although, sometimes he can be a bit biased, but overall, he gives his honest opinion. Ironically, his opinion tends to seal the deal on whether I am done with the project; if I should continue working on the project; or should I start over completely.

…he motivates me

In addition to honesty, my husband has a way of nonchalantly motivating me. After having our youngest child, it dawned on him that I had taken a little break away from scrapbooking. Distinctly, I explained that there just was not enough time. Shortly after, I received a care package at my deployed location with scrapbooking goodies and a note saying “I know I probably didn’t get you everything that you needed, but this should get you started.” How awesome is this! He ended up sending me just the basics, but this selfless act pushed me to begin crafting again.

…he adores me

Truly, this may sound a bit vain, but seeing the love that my husband has for me affects my whole entire well-being. Agreeably, everyone has to find their own happiness, but his constant praise of what I do as a person lets me know that I am appreciated. This happiness/completeness tends to roll over into my layouts. Strangely enough, I am not a public display of affection type person (blame it on the military), but people tend to see the love in my layouts. It comes from the love I receive from my husband, and our children.


If you are ever feeling lost in your craft, look to your significant other. Contrary to belief, your relationship does affect how creative you can be. Honestly, your partner may not know a lot about your craft, but their support influences the decisions you make in life…and in crafting.

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how my relationship affects my creativity - Danie Faye


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