How I Started My Etsy Shop

Hello everyone! In today’s blog post, I want to quickly discuss a few details that I overlooked when I setup my Etsy shop. After noticing that my shop was not getting any traffic, I took some time to do some research. So here is how I started my Etsy Shop the RIGHT WAY! 

When I initially setup my Etsy shop, I literally just opened up my shop, threw up some listings, and went live. Of course, I did not get any clicks, saved to favorites, or purchases from my shop. My shop was a quite dormant for about nine months. After noticing that, I realized that Etsy, too, relies heavy on alogrithm.


I opened my shop to sell the DIY items I created for my YouTube channel, so I did not have a specific niche in mind. This ultimately contributed to the lack of traffic I received to my shop. Having the ideal product in mind that you would like to sell will help out tremendously, but just like social media, it takes time to learn what type of products you should have in your shop.

Create an Account

You do not have to have an account when shopping on Etsy, but it is required to have when establishing a shop. You simply need an email, and a password. You are not obligated to use an email that matches your shop name (business email), but it will help that you use a separate account from your personal email to make sure you are receiving emails from Etsy.

Choose the Name of Your Shop

When choosing your shop name, understand if there is a user out there with your shop name, you cannot use the name. However, Etsy will give you variations of that name, if you really want to use it. 

Set Shop Preferences

This is the step where you are letting Etsy know what bank account you would like your funds transferred to from your sales. Additionally, you will choose how buyers can make payments to your shop. 

Stock Your Shop

This is the hardest part. You will have to know what your niche will be for you shop in order to stock your shop. This may be a trial and error experience you will have to go through. From my experience, I went from selling DIY Home Decor to selling t-shirts. It will ultimately be up to you, but I recommend you uploading at least one listing initially.

Create a Listing

Create a Title

Base your title off of how you want your product to be found. In my situation, I am selling t-shirts, and I want my t-shirts to be searched by the “saying” on the t-shirt. Example, I want to sell a t-shirt with the statement “I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE” on it, so I will include I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE in my title. You can have up to 140 characters in your title, and I would recommend you use them all. However, Etsy is going towards more organic titles that could be mentioned casually in conversation





Upload Images

When uploading images to your listing, keep in mind, they do not have to be perfect. It is understood that Etsy shop owners are creating things homemade, and may not be great at taking product pictures. However, keep in mind, you need to show the different ways that you can use your product. This lets buyers know how they can use the product. 

When taking photos, make sure that you take the best quality pictures possible. You do not have to be a photographer in order to take product pictures. You will learn different techniques on how to display your products. Look at the suggested different angles Etsy provides you, and provide your buyers with those pictures.

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