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Easy & Affordable Everyday Succulent Home Decor Ideas

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Never in my entire adult life would I believe you if you told me I would become a plant mom. Recently, my eye has been drawn to all things green. Moss, cacti, and of course, succulents. After doing a bit of research, succulents will work great with my farmhouse theme I have established in my home. So, in today’s blogpost, I am sharing my top succulent-themed decor projects that will not break the bank! Note: all projects require real or faux succulents

Succulent Wreath


succulent wreath

Step 1:

Take styrofoam wreath and adhere moss to entire wreath

Note: This can be done by using hot glue or spray adhesive…spray adhesive is faster; hot glue’s hold is stronger.

Step 2:

Position and adhere succulents on the lower half of the wreath in a “smile” like manner using hot glue.

Note: You may have to snip stems off of succulents for a better hold

Step 3:

Find a place to display your piece and admire your work

Succulent Planter


Step 1:

Cover planter with at least two coats of white (or desidred color) chalk paint.

Step 2:

Add a strip of twine to the top and bottom of the planter.

Step 3:

Cut styrofoam blocks to fit inside planter.

Step 4:

Begin placing succulents inside styrofoam. 

Note: if succulents have stems, use them to get a more secure hold inside of the styrofoam


Use moss or pebbles to fill in exposed styrofoam that succulents do not cover.

Faux Succulent Wall Art

Step 1:

Place two coats of paint on the wood box.

Step 2:

Place washi tape just below the top of the top of the box and the bottom of the box.

Step 3:

Place styrofoam in the inside of the box.

Note: You may have to cut the styrofoam down into smaller blocks to fit inside the box. Take your time and make it neat.

Step 4:

Place down a layer of moss on top of styrofoam

Step 5:

Begin adding succulents to the styrofoam.

Note: If succulents have stems, use them to secure in place


Fill in any gaps with moss

I hope these succulent-themed DIYs give you the inspiration you need to make your own home decor for the fraction of the cost compared to in stores! 

To see how I made these wreaths, click on the video below:

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9 thoughts on “Easy & Affordable Everyday Succulent Home Decor Ideas

  1. These are really great DIYs! I am so excited to start making my own wreath! It would definitely look good in my room. Thanks so much for this!

  2. I’m absolutely in love with this succulent wreath! This is actually something that I will be making at home this summer. It’s so lovely, and I’m obsessed with all that pretty greenery!

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