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June 14, 2019

Best Maggie Holmes Collections for Boymoms

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Okay, I can say that I’m a veteran in the scrapbooking world, but at one point I took a break from scrapbooking. With that came A LOT of change. Once I returned to scrapbooking, I stumbled onto Maggie Holmes and her infamous “Bloom” collection. I fell in love with her style, but the only drawback is most of her collections are very girly. Unfortunately, I am a boymom, and do not get the luxury of scrapbooking with pretty collections outside of photos of myself. In today’s blogpost, I will go over the “Best Maggie Holmes Collections for Boymoms” in order from Liked to Most Liked (because who does not love a Maggie Holmes Collection)?!

NOTE: My rating includes my comfortability of using the collection with photos of just my boys by themselves versus me being present in the photos.

1. Chasing Dreams

This collection has to be my favorite collection to date. I have used this collection in so many different projects that it is hard for me to choose what I like using it for the most. Even though it weighs heavily on the girly side, there are a lot of greens and yellows in the collection that allows me to use it on so many boy layouts. In general, the embellishments make it easy for me to layer on my layouts without struggling to find corresponding pieces. Note: Some collections create an assortment of embellishments that correspond together color-wise, but not necessarily shape-wise. Sadly, I did not care for the banners in the collection. They were the same format as Confetti, and, frankly, I think it is time for a bit of variety (personal preference). Overall, this is the perfect collection for boymoms to use with their boys during infancy. RATING:  9.5 out of 10

best maggie holmes collections for boymoms

2. Flourish

I am fairly new to this collection, but it is definitely growing on me. The colors are perfect! This collection has a lot of blues and greens, which makes the papers perfect for all my boy layouts. On the contrary, I do not care for the calligraphy in this collection. It seemed like she was going for a different approach, but it just looks too skinny and small for my taste. Factoring in the embellishments, Flourish is great for boy layouts due to the garden insects she included in this collection. RATING:  8.5 out of 10.

top 10 maggie holmes collections for boymoms

3. Gather

This collection is another favorite. I think Maggie Holmes was factoring in that her previous collections were really geared toward girls, and she wanted to rectify that issue with this collection. I was sold when I saw the embellishments! The embellishments were not too bright, or in my case “too pink.” Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am not a pink girl. I am more of a neutral color girl, so even though I love all the pinks and frills, I gravitate to the more earth tone colors. Note: I pick papers and embellishments according to the overall tone of my pictures. So the papers in this collection are ideal for not just my boys, but for me as well! Unfortunately, some of the vintage/ballerina pieces I could not find any use for them since I do not have a daughter. RATING: 9.0 out of 10. 

best maggie holmes collections for boy layouts

4. Shine

This was the first collection I was introduced to from Maggie Holmes. You can say that it holds sentimental value. Again, the papers are perfect for all the boymoms out there! There are a few papers that I cannot see myself using AT ALL, but overall, the blues, browns, and golds are perfect for me and my bunch. NOW…the embellishments were just too bright for me. Now that I have changed my style, and think outside the box more, this collection might not be as difficult to use. This collection has proven it is perfect for my preteen, however, the embellishments just do not strike “my fancy” so I do not gravitate to using them. RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

best maggie holmes collections for boys

5. Willow Lane

This collection is quite similar to the Flourish collection. Actually, I have noticed that Maggie Holmes collections tend to “gradually” change each year. This could be a good and bad thing (haha). If you place this collection next to the Flourish or Gather collections, you will see they are “dead ringers” for one another. In my opinion, that is a good thing because I do not like sticking to one collection when making layouts. It is always a plus in my eyes because I am using up my products, and they are not just sitting collecting dust. Although, it can get a bit mundane when you are seeing the same thing every year. On the contrary, the yellows and blues are my favorite in this collection (I’m starting to sound like a broken record). Unfortunately, the papers are proving to be a bit difficult to use. With my current scrapbooking style, I would have to use this collection for layering purposes because the design patterns do not fit well with the photos I currently have in my stash. ALTHOUGH…THE HOUSE EMBELLISHMENTS ARE TO DIE FOR! RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

6. Styleboard

I actually did not know this collection was a Maggie Holmes collection until I started preparing this blogpost. I have fallen in and out of love with this collection on several occasions. We are on speaking terms right now (haha). I have found this collection is great for layering behind photos at the moment. The colors in this collection are bright, but mute at the same time. Does that make sense? There are bright pinks and blues, but they are soft and toned down (unlike the Shine collection). Because of the softness in the tone, these papers work well with any occasion I might capture. RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

7. Open Book

This was another collection I was first introduced to when I started back scrapbooking. I had actually seen it floating around the internet in the several layouts I used to scraplift, but I didn’t put two and two together until years later. One of my favorite scrapbookers used the heck out of this collection. I actually adore this collection. Unfortunately, I have only managed to use the papers. Looking through the collection, I do not know why I never managed to use any of the embellishments. Maybe I should purchase the collection again to give it a fair rating (haha). For now…RATING 8.0 out of 10.

8. Maggie Holmes | Crate Paper Paper Pad

I liked the collection a lot. Again, I might be a bit biased being this was one of the first collections I used when I started back scrapbooking, but it had a lot of variety in my opinion. This collection is perfect for finding the colors and patterns you like to use the most. After being out of the scrapbooking world for almost two years, I had no idea what was trendy. To be honest, I really did not have a clue of what was available outside of Michaels. At the time, I was still stubborn when it came to indulging and buying products for myself. I do not like buying things if I am not going to use them. Well, I could not resist with this collection. However, the colors work well with pics of my boys by themselves, and even better when I am present. RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

9. Bloom

Okay, okay…this collections has GOT to be the most overrated collection EVER! Haha. I really sound like I am hating, but it really was “hyped-up.” Do not get me wrong. It was a beautiful collection, but I could not do anything with it. I have maybe three layouts in my albums from this collection. This collection was a bit hard to use with my pictures. Let us keep in mind, I am a boymom. This collection pushed me to think outside the box in order to use it. I primarily used the collection for my baby pics of my sons when they were newborns, but outside that, it has been really hard to use this collection. For this collection to be so HUGE, to this day, I still feel like I cannot do anything with it. On the other hand, if you have daughters, and love a lot of pink, this collection is perfect for you. RATING: 7.5 out of 10.

10. Confetti

This collection is so adorable. Similar to the Bloom collection, I did have issues with the soft, light colors in the collection. However, the embellishments were balanced. There were embellishments for both boys and girls. Ironically, I was able to use up this collection fairly quick. I used the boy embellishments on the arrival of my youngest child, and the girl embellishments on my pregnancy layouts. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab any papers from this collection because I stumbled onto the collection when it was not “trending” anymore. However, I would buy the collection again. RATING: 9.0 out of 10.0

Honorable Mentions:

Carousel & Sunny Days

Thera are two collection that I have not really been able to work with, Carousel & Sunny Days collections. At a glance, I did not really connect with the Carousel collection. We do not frequent carnivals, or any events that fall into that realm, so it would be a waste to purchase the collection. Again, if I had a daughter, I could make it work…but that is not the case in my situation. I do have a few pieces of paper in my collection, but the colors do not resonate with my lifestyle. I do not see myself using the pieces any time in the near future. On the other hand, the Sunny Days collection looks perfect for my summer pictures. The collection reminds me of the Crate Paper “Good Vibes” collection, which I absolutely adored! Clearly, I cannot wait to get my hand on this collection!

In conclusion, we can discuss all day what the best Maggie Holmes collections for boymoms to use, but it is up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable using the collection on your boy layouts. I say “LIVE A LITTLE! A LITTLE PINK AIN’T HURT NOBODY!”

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Danielle Rice
Danielle Rice


17 thoughts on “Best Maggie Holmes Collections for Boymoms

    Author’s gravatar

    Scrap-booking seems like it would be relaxing. An opportunity to be mindful as they say. Also your wreaths are beautiful! I didn’t notice the shop tab when I visited before. I shall add you to mind blog about black owned businesses and make a purchase myself.

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    It is so hard to choose a favorite! Chasing dreams and summer are both lovely.

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    They are all great collections! I am drawn to the confetti collection

    Author’s gravatar

    They are all so beautiful! I have a good friend that is into scrapbooking and I will make sure she would get to know about the Maggie Holmes collections!

    Author’s gravatar

    These are some really pretty collections! I want to use some of these for projects I am working on.

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    I love how soft the colors are that she uses. They are very pretty and work for a lot of applications!

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    I love the Open Book collection. I love the play on colors and design. It’s perfect for summer too!

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    Such lovely collections. I think the best one if the Confetti one. Reminds me of a friend.

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    I loved scrapbooking when I was a teen! Maybe I should get back to it now. Flourish and Gather are so pretty!

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    I really love the third one! But they are all really great!

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    These designs are gorgeous! Are they for digital scrap-booking or paper printed?

      Author’s gravatar

      American crafts do place their products online for digital download (this is how I purchase my embellishments because it’s cheaper), however, I am not familiar with digital scrapbooking. Personally, I believe the digital files can be imported into digital scrapbooking layouts using the proper software. I will have to ask my fellow scrapbookers

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    All very nice collections. But the one I love the most is Chasing Dreams. Also because of the name.

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    You’ve inspired me loads I need to get back to arts and crafts as I want to start my own t shirt line!!!

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    I am not a scrapbooking kind of girl, but those prints make me want to start. They are beautiful. How do you get started? Do you have a post about it? I’d love to read it.

    -Foodie Lady

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